• Water and Circular Economy
  • Water Consumption of Urban and Industrial Systems
  • Water Governance Challenges
  • Climate change  in the Water Sector
  • Future trends in Water Security
  • Energy Needs for the Water Sector
  • Resilience to water-related risks
  • Water Resources Integrated Management
  • Waste Water management
  • Water Supply management
  • Water Microbiology
  • Green Technologies for Sustainable Water resources
  • Water Efficiency
  • Water 4.0


  • Energy for Urban and Industrial Systems
  • Energy Governance Challenges
  • Energy and Circular Economy
  • Decarbonisation and Future Energy Systems
  • Energy-Saving Technologies
  • Biofuels Technologies and Applications
  • Waste Biorefining initiatives 
  • Smart Technologies in Sustainable Energy Production Systems
  • Future hybrid local energy generation
  • Energy 4.0


  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Smart Technology in Greenhouses
  • Robotics in Future Farms
  • Climate change and sustainable food production
  • Sustainable Ingredients and Novel Food Processing Technologies
  • Food Analysis, Food Safety and Health
  • Sustainable Packaging and Eco-labels
  • Food Security and Food Waste
  • Sustainable Diet and Human Health
  • Circular systems for rural and urban food
  • Waste materials for bio-based production
  • Sustainable Food Supply Chain Management
  • AgriFood Industry 4.0
  • Precision agriculture
  • Nanotechnology Applications in Agriculture
  • Plant technology


  • Bioeconomy Sustainability Impacts and Policies
  • Cyber-Physical Systems for Sustainability
  • Impacts of Global and Regional Climate Change
  • Integrated Ecosystems Management
  • Biomimetics/Nature-Based Solutions
  • Resource Efficiency in a Circular Bioeconomy  
  • National, Regional and Local Bioeconomy Strategies
  • Sustainable Development Goals Implementation
  • Monitoring and evaluation in a digital environmental
  • Green Materials for Sustainable Buildings
  • Sustainable 3D printing materials
  • Sustainable cities

Unpublished research is still accepted in areas related to all these topics.